SKATEBOARD STORIES – Episode 30 – TAPE # “Star”

The Church of Skatan team shreds the streets & schools of Santa Barbara, California, and a demo in Isla Vista. Enjoy! (late 1995)

Episode 30

0:00 – Intro 0:18 – La Colina sesh (cont. from last episode) (Jesse Silvey, Hockey Temper, Tony Tieu, Dylan Gardner, George Nagai, Jacob Rodrigue, Manabu Kumakura) 6:15 – Isla Vista Demo (Jeff Taylor, Stacy Lowery, Noe Flores, T. Tieu, Mike Santarossa, Keith Wilson) 7:52 – UCSB (J. Taylor, T. Tieu, G. Nagai) 11:38 – GV (Kai Regan, J. Silvey, N. Flores) 13:17 – East Beach (J. Silvey, N. Flores, H. Temper, D. Gardner) 18:50 – Post Office (D. Gardner, J. Silvey, N. Flores, H. Temper) 20:08 – Church of Skatan at night 20:50 – Credits

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