SKATEBOARD STORIES – Episode 19 – Tape # “Church 3” Part 2 (Fall 1995)

ASR behind the scenes part II. Noe falls on his ass. A really bad skit. Big Balls. Jeff and Will get busy in SB. Baby face Ty. And cat piss. All in this episode of SKATEBOARD STORIES.

0:00 – Intro
0:18 – ASR Tradeshow San Diego antics (Shorty’s employee hotel room)
5:46 – Noe Flores at Green Handrails
7:24 – Lazy Day Skit
9:57 – Santa Ynez Valley (Cows)
10:58 – Dick Cartoon
11:11 – Posse skating the water dept. rail (Jeff Taylor, Mike Santarossa, Will Taylor, George Nagai, Manabu Kumakura, Ty Evans)
14:24 – Anapamu gap (Will Taylor, Ty Evans)
15:19 – Anapamu Ledges (Jeff Taylor, Will Taylor)
22:25 – Monte Vista double set (Jeff Taylor, Will Taylor)
22:47 – Angela’s apartment and cat (Manabu Kumakura, Chris Orr)
25:16 – Hard Rock Contest Fashion Island (too be continued…)
26:04 – Credits

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