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SKATEBOARD STORIES – Episode 28 – Tape # “Texas” Part 1

Dylan Gardner, George Nagai, Manabu Kumakura and Erik Hatch drive 24 hours non-stop from Santa Barbara to Austin Texas to meet up with Tony Buyalos and shred the Friendship State. Episode 28 0:00 – Intro 0:18 – Driving to Texas (Manabu Kumakura, George Nagai, Dylan Gardner) 4:23 – Austin/meeting up with Tony Buyalos 4:40 – […]

SKATEBOARD STORIES – Episode 27 – Tape # “PEACE” Oct. 1995

Episode 27 See the inside of the Shorty’s warehouse, take a trip to Rick Kosick’s house, and skate some spots near Hermosa Beach…. in 1995! 0:00 – Intro 0:18 – Shorty’s Warehouse on La Patera Ln. Goleta Ca. 7:45 – Trip to Rick Kosick’s/party footage (Dylan Gardner, Tony Tieu, Noe Flores, Rick Kosick, Fleck, George […]

SKATEBOARD STORIES – Episode 26 – Tape # “Nov. 14” 1995

Episode 26 Santa Barbara skateboarding in 1995! We start off this episode with a HUGE session at Fiesta and then the Crew hits various spots all over SB. Enjoy! 0:00 – Intro 0:18 – Fiesta (Session cont. from last episode. Ben Kendall, Sam Kendall, Chips, Tony Tieu, Mike Santarossa, George Nagai, Dylan Gardner, Manabu Kumakura, […]

SKATEBOARD STORIES – Episode 25 – Tape # “BEEEAAUUTCH!” Nov.1995

We start it off with the continuation of the 66 blocks session in Ventura. Then the Atascadero Posse hits up San Marcos and downtown SB. The Church guys skate around town and I.V. And we close out this episode at the legendary Fiesta parking lot. Episode 25 0:00 – Intro 0:18 – Ventura, 66 blocks […]

SKATEBOARD STORIES – Episode 24 – Tape # “HEART” Fall 1995

The COS crew finishes up episode 23’s SLO park session, we check out the interior of the 810 house, Hockey Temper and Dirty D skate East Beach, and the boys take a trip to Ventura…. IN 1995! Episode 24 0:00 – Intro 0:18 – SLO park session (continued from last episode) 3:04 – 810 Castillo […]


Episode 23 Mike V. and Santarossa skate the Powell fold-out demo ramp. Chris Orr ruptures his kidney. And the COS crew take a trip to the San Luis Obispo skatepark. 1995. 0:00 – Intro 0:18 – Powell fold-out ramp (Mike Vallely, Mike Santarossa) 5:20 – 810 Castillo (Chris Orr ruptured Kidney) 8:08 – San Luis […]

SKATEBOARD STORIES – EPISODE 21 – Tape # “Church III, Tape 2”

While filming for the third Church Of Skatan video “Santa Barbara”, the boys hit the beach, San Marcos hallways, and other various spots around SB. Featuring, Dylan Gardner, Jacob Rodrigue, George Nagai, Ricky Higgins, and Hockey Temper. Filmed and narrated by Erik Hatch. EPISODE 21 0:00 – Intro 0:18 – Ledbetter ledge (Ricky Higgins, Manabu […]

HATCH – Random Mix 1

Sometimes inspiration just hits when I hear a certain song. BUCK BUCK! Featuring; Muska, Carlos Juarez, Colin New , Sammy Baptista, Jesse Silvey, Levi Marvin, Josh Karl , Tony B., Ben Kendall, Dylan Gardner , Brandon Turner, Thor, Peter Smolik, Kyle Liddle, Frankie Hill , Sean Bolis, Steve Olson, Tony Manfre, Aaron Snyder , Tuan […]


**LIVE CHAT PREMIERE TONIGHT!! 3/27/2020 at 8:30 pst** 1996’s “Santa Barbara” skateboard video. Produced by the Church of Skatan. Starring, Dylan Gardner, Tony Tieu, George Nagai, Ricky Higgins, Carl Nunes, and Jesse Silvey.


Got a special request from the one and only Ross Norman for this one. This is still the biggest switch kickflip I’ve ever seen in my life. Dylan boosts one over the world famous airvents in Isla Vista way back in 1995!