In 2009 The Berrics had a video contest where they asked “crews” to send in their crew videos. I made this edit with a bunch of the current footage I had at the time. Triple C was more or less a fictitious crew. It was a brand idea that I had been toying around with and the name fit (Central California Coast = CCC) so the edit just happened naturally. I don’t think the guys in this edit ever even saw it. I sent it off to the Berrics, via email or maybe FTP site or something, but in those days sometimes the formatting and sending things over the internet could fk up. Not like the old days where we just sent a tape dupe. So anyway, I never heard from the Berrics. Now I know there were a ton of entries into that contest, so maybe we just didn’t make the cut. Or, like I was saying, maybe because of technical difficulties they never even received it. Who knows. What I do know is that most of this footage ended up in the SKATEBOARD STORIES film (unreleased 2009) or DESTINATION ORCAS (unreleased 2011). And I still really dig this edit. “I’ve been waiting so long, to be where I’m going….” Enjoy. -EHatch


Adam Bertolet Mike Abarta Meetch Green George Nagai Tony Tieu Erik Hatch Mike Santarossa Sean Bolis James Rivers

WITH Vanderhyden Hazard Benny B. Ross Norman Cannon Boozy Joe Cruz Spandex Tiger

Video and Edit by Erik Hatch

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