SANTA CRUZ SKATEBOARDS 50th Anniversary Celebration (2023)

I guess I was excited, because I couldn’t sleep the night before. Managed to get a couple of hours in, then got out of bed at 6am. Drove to Santa Cruz and got there right when the first jam (Seacliff) was starting at 11am. Next was Mike Fox park, then the rail down by the rollercoaster. Finally capping off the day with Dinosaur Jr. at the boardwalk. I saw a ton of old friends, filled both the cards on the Nikon, grabbed a corndog and then drove 4 hours back home. It was a whirlwind trip, but also one of the best days I’ve had in long time. Why can’t everyday be like this? Here’s the pics. Enjoy. And when you’re done, get out there and SKATE! – E. Hatch

Emmanuel Guzman low to high nosegrind

Jereme Knibbs overcrook up the extension
Gravette 5050 flip-flop
This bs noseblunt was Devin Flynn’s set-up trick for a Barley Grind over the rainbow rail. He probably did this about 40 times in a row and never missed one! Incredible stuff.
Chris Colburn, Monty Grind
Jhancarlos Gonzalez makes shit like this look easy
Devin Flynn blasting a… uh… Crossbone? Grasser? I don’t even know what they call this anymore.
Mike Fox park aka Santa Cruz Skatepark
Peter Raffin destroyed this ledge
LARGE posse
I thought these walls didn’t look all that skateable, but these dudes proved me wrong. Eric Dressen, Devin Flynn, and Jhancarlos Gonzalez.
Gravette drop-in
Ollie, ollie tail-bash, ollie to smith… whatever you wanted over the gap, Devin Flynn had it with ease
Brandon was there
Gravette off the wall
The bowl
Zarosh roll-in off the top of the fullpipe and celebration
I didn’t catch her name, but this little girl has the best backside airs I’ve seen in a looooooooooooooong time
Another unkown ripper. Dude went the biggest and also did a Mctwist on this wall
James Azpeitia getting tucked on the concrete wave
Break time. Time to move onto the third and final spot for the day. Smoke ’em if you got ’em
The skaters are about to go for a ride….
Peter Raffin
Devin Flynn
After a long day of skating, the boys over at NHS closed it out with Dinosaur Jr. on the beach.
Epic times
If I make to the 100th, I’ll probably be the oldest person there. Great times. One Love.

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