SKATEBOARD STORIES – Episode 44 – Tape # “Church III, 3/11/1996”

Dylan and Mr. Consistent skate Milpas street and Goleta. The crew has a random jump-ramp session. Everyone rips UCSB. Joey and Andy visit from Atascadero, skate Carpbumps, and end it with a boardslide battle on the longest rail on Campus. March 1996. Episode 44 0:00 – Intro 0:08 – Milpas st. (Dylan Gardner, Mr. Consistent) […]

SKATEBOARD STORIES – Episode 43 – Tape # “ASR96”

The Church Crew skates SB from the Riviera to the sea. The boys take a trip to skate the streets of Long Beach during the Action Sports Retailer tradeshow. T2 crushes San Marcos. And oh so much more…. in Feb. 1996. Episode 43 0:00 – Intro 0:08 – Riviera (Dylan Gardner, George Nagai) 3:22 – […]

SKATEBOARD STORIES – Episode 42 – Tape # “HEART” Feb. 1996

The boys get buck in this one! Santarossa, Stacy and Mr. Consistent destroy a bunch of handrails around town. The crew skates the beach lot and IV/UCSB. And Dylan Gardner does the highest switch kickflip ever done. Classic SB spots get smashed in this episode! Enjoy. Episode 42 0:00 – Intro 0:08 – Berry Blocks […]

SKATEBOARD STORIES – Episode 40 – Tape # 021696

The list is below. The episode is packed. T2 gets loose at Berries. Stacy puts the smackdown. And of course that Dirty D. Heelflip. So good. Feb. 1996. Episode 40 0:00 – Intro 0:08 – Flyway (Hockey Temper and the Peanut Gallery) 1:40 – Cottage bump to fence (H. Temper, Ricky Higgins, Dylan Gardner, Scott […]

SKATEBOARD STORIES – Episode 38 – Tape # “Feb. 10th 1996”

Stacy Lowery is the first person to tackle the now well-known “Washington rail”. The Church Crew skates SB. Gershon Moseley is the first (and only) person to kickflip the La Colina double-set. Manabu Kumakura shows off a TON of Super8 footage from many different sessions. PLUS, Manabu’s Hi8 angles from the Shorty’s Hardware Team video […]

SKATEBOARD STORIES – Episode 37 – Tape # “Jan. ’96”

The Church Crew skates SB and Goleta. Stacy Lowery skates spots no one else can, and Dirty D nollieflips like no other. 1996. Episode 37 0:00 – Intro 0:08 – DP sesh (Jacob Rodrigue, Jesse Silvey, Tony Tieu) 3:00 – La Colina (Dylan Gardner) 6:30 – UCSB (Ricky Higgins, Stacy Lowery, D. Gardner, Nelson Shin, […]


Dirty D and the boys skate SB and Carp. Dylan gets a nollie noseslide at San Marcos. Stacy pop shuv’s the airvent. Dec. 1995. Episode 34 0:00 – Intro 0:18 – Dylan Gardner at the Upper State bump to ledge 1:58 – Church of Skatan (D. Gardner, Hockey Temper, Manabu Kumakura, Gary Ellsworth, Erik Hatch, […]


The Church Crew finishes up the trip to San Diego. They hit up UCI on the way home. And Carl gets some of the first clips ever on the bars in the Flyway Ditch. Christmas time in ’95. Episode 33 0:00 – Intro 0:18 – SD Van Wars 3:29 – UCI (Jesse Silvey, Chany Jeanguenin, […]


The COS Crew takes 2 minivans down to San Diego for a filming mission. Tyrone Olson destroys handrails. Billy gets jumped on his birthday. 1995. Episode 32 0:00 – Intro 0:30 – Church Crew driving to San Diego 2:11 – Jeff Taylor’s apartment (Dylan Gardner, Jacob Rodrigue, Ricky Higgins, Hockey Temper, Jesse Silvey, Jef Hancock, […]


Continuation of the trip to Texas and the Church Crew mobbing spots around Santa Barbara. Episode 29 0:00 – Intro 0:18 – Skatepark of Houston (Will Taylor) 1:09 – Downtown Houston (Dylan Gardner, George Nagai, Will Taylor, Jeff Taylor, Chany Jeanguenin) 11:42 – La Colina (Ricky Higgins, Kai Regan, Noe Flores, Larik Mesey) 12:40 – […]