SKATEBOARD STORIES – Episode 44 – Tape # “Church III, 3/11/1996”

Dylan and Mr. Consistent skate Milpas street and Goleta. The crew has a random jump-ramp session. Everyone rips UCSB. Joey and Andy visit from Atascadero, skate Carpbumps, and end it with a boardslide battle on the longest rail on Campus. March 1996.

Episode 44

0:00 – Intro 0:08 – Milpas st. (Dylan Gardner, Mr. Consistent) 4:58 – Random Goleta School (D. Gardner, Mr. C) 8:46 – UCSB Ledge (Tony Tieu, Stacy Lowery) 11:25 – UCSB long rail (Joel Danenhauer) 12:05 – Music (S. Lowery, T. Tieu, Ricky Higgins) 15:50 – Random Goleta parking lot with jump ramp(R. Higgins, S. Lowery, Gary I., Jesse Silvey, D. Gardner) 22:16 – GV (T. Tieu, R. Higgins, S. Lowery) 25:17 – Carp Bumps (T. Tieu, S. Lowery, Jacob Rodrigue, Joey Pulsifer) 30:22 – Carp small rail (S. Lowery, J. Pulsifer, J. Silvey and the peanut gallery) 31:55 – UCSB long rail (J. Pulsifer, Nelson Shin, J. Silvey, Levi Marvin, T. Tieu, Andy Lanes (first board slide)) 39:51 – Credits

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