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HOME VIDEO – 2018 – New skateboard video by Erik Hatch

HOMiE VIDEO 0:00 – Black and White Super8 film from 2004 and 2008. Featuring; Benny Bermudez, George Nagai, Jacob Rodrigue, Ajana Green, The Tiburon Tickler, Bird, J.P., August, Kim Hatch, Alexi Bayly, Noe Flores, David Flores, Ian Hatch, The Dude, Bofa, Erik Hatch, Jesse Silvey, Beto Guerrero, Masaki Itoi, Ricks, Anthony Petti, Kyle Liddle, Baron […]

SKATEBOARD STORIES Episode 8 – Tape # “STUFF VII / POW WOW at POWELL II” 1991-1992

SKATEBOARD STORIES aka The Video Archives of Erik Hatch STUFF VII 0:00 – Intro 0:18 – Isla Vista (Mike Santarossa, Tony Buyalos) 0:38 – Powell Skatezone (Tony B., Mike Santarossa, Levi Marvin) 1:52 – Santa Barbara street skating (Chris Watkins, Tony B., E. Hatch) 2:30 – La Colina (E. Hatch, C. Watkins) 3:00 – Castillo […]

PERMAVACTION – Episode 2 – “SB Park” – HATCH

The Permavacation series originally ran in 2008 on an online “action sports” site called BNQT. These episodes are comprised of remixed footage from the “SOL” video. You can purchase the SOL DVD on Instagram @erikhatchstore.