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Thor at Biebel’s

A couple of months back, I was invited to hang some art for a taping of an @avniintelligence podcast. During the shoot, I grabbed some snaps of the almighty Thor! Aka @skatehermit. Thor is a serious skaterat so I got many chances to practice my indoor action photography. Left to right; bs push-off 5.0 grind, […]

AVNI Skate Night – Edit by Thor

Yo. YO! Usually, Thor walks the dogs, but this time Mikey Taylor took the dog for a walk… mid feeble. Check out the @avniintelligence podcast for the full “Skate Night” edit. 🎥 by @skatehermit #mikeytaylor #biebelspark


Fuck yo couch. @secondlaw_ dawgcam by Thor aka @skatehermit

HOME VIDEO – 2018 – New skateboard video by Erik Hatch

HOMiE VIDEO 0:00 – Black and White Super8 film from 2004 and 2008. Featuring; Benny Bermudez, George Nagai, Jacob Rodrigue, Ajana Green, The Tiburon Tickler, Bird, J.P., August, Kim Hatch, Alexi Bayly, Noe Flores, David Flores, Ian Hatch, The Dude, Bofa, Erik Hatch, Jesse Silvey, Beto Guerrero, Masaki Itoi, Ricks, Anthony Petti, Kyle Liddle, Baron […]


Skateboarding. I can’t imagine who or what I’d be without it. And if you’re reading this, odds are you feel the same way. The community & family that skateboarding has provided throughout my life has proved absolutely sacred to me. The friendships I’ve forged through it remain powerful, and multi generational. It really is the […]

Anderson Ranch – 2/3/18

The other day my buddy Thor invited me over to the Anderson Ranch (aka Lyla’s Ramp).  Wasn’t expecting to see these dudes tearing that place apart.  Enjoy… That’s all for now.  Have a good one.  – Erik Hatch