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The Church of Skatan team and friends, skate various spots in Santa Barbara, CA in 1995. Featuring Jacob Rodrigue, George Nagai, Noe Flores, David Flores, Carl Nunes, and more! 0:00 – Intro 0:18 – Erik Hatch at the DMV 0:30 – Snowboarding at Snow Summit (E. Hatch, K. Swenson) 2:40 – Santa Monica/Hollywood street scenes […]


A preview of the upcoming Skateboard Stories episodes (10-20). Featuring footage from 1995 of; Carl Nunes, Mike Santarossa, Dylan Gardner, Tony Tieu, Hard Rock Pro Vert Contest at Fashion Island, Joey Pulsifer, Noe Flores, Chris Orr, Russ Pope, Ricky Higgins, Jeff Taylor, George Nagai, the 810 Castillo House, Tony B., Rick Kosick, Jacob Rodrigue, ¬†plus […]

HOME VIDEO – 2018 – New skateboard video by Erik Hatch

HOMiE VIDEO 0:00 – Black and White Super8 film from 2004 and 2008. Featuring; Benny Bermudez, George Nagai, Jacob Rodrigue, Ajana Green, The Tiburon Tickler, Bird, J.P., August, Kim Hatch, Alexi Bayly, Noe Flores, David Flores, Ian Hatch, The Dude, Bofa, Erik Hatch, Jesse Silvey, Beto Guerrero, Masaki Itoi, Ricks, Anthony Petti, Kyle Liddle, Baron […]

SWB2 – (SHIRTLESS WONDER BOYS 2, The Search for Squadkar) – CULT CLASSIC

While I was filming for Shorty’s (1995-2002) I was also making the Church of Skatan videos. During the filming of Guilty, we had no plans for a new Church video and I had started filming with my friends and also many various shredders from SLO, SB, and Ventura counties (and more). The video that came […]

SBHI TRACK, R.I.P. – 2017

The famous set of stairs at the Santa Barbara High School track were recently demolished. Here’s a look back at a few of the tricks that went down there. Damian Bravo, David Broach, Gerardo Mendoza, Kyle Liddle, Erik Hatch, Noe Flores, Stacey Lowery, Chad Muska and Vinnie Lopez.