HOME VIDEO – 2018 – New skateboard video by Erik Hatch


0:00 – Black and White Super8 film from 2004 and 2008. Featuring; Benny Bermudez, George Nagai, Jacob Rodrigue, Ajana Green, The Tiburon Tickler, Bird, J.P., August, Kim Hatch, Alexi Bayly, Noe Flores, David Flores, Ian Hatch, The Dude, Bofa, Erik Hatch, Jesse Silvey, Beto Guerrero, Masaki Itoi, Ricks, Anthony Petti, Kyle Liddle, Baron Kelly. Filmed by Erik Hatch in Santa Barbara Ca, and Phoenix, Az.

11:07 – “Candy O” Featuring; George Nagai, Kris Markovich, James Rivers, Thor McMakin, Jorge Romero, Pablo Favela, Lawerence Quero, Mike Lawlor, Micaiah Furukawa, Eddie Sanders, Sean Bolis, Julian Schweke. Filmed by E. Hatch and Thor (iPhone, Nikon D3100, and GoPro)

13:52 – “Cars” Featuring; Dwight, Willie Santos, The Santarossa kids, Mike Santarossa, Paco, SWB Crew, Thor, Tommee, Jacob Rodrigue, The Muska, Sean Foy, Argos, Unknown Manualer in Colorado, Carlos Juarez. Filmed by E. Hatch, Noe, Santarossa, and Benny (Hi8 and iPhone)

18:18 – Quincy Morris (RIP) filmed by Will Macfayden.

21:48 – Color Super8 film from the late 2000’s. Featuring:
Andy Lanes, James Carson, Vinnie Lopez, Beto Guerrero, Meetch Green, Steve Cuellar, Masaki Itoi, Jeremy Cannon, Sean Bolis. Filmed by Anthony Petti.

25:56 – OG Shorty’s Skateboard Team (and guests). Featuring; Rosa, Brandon Turner, Chad Muska, Aaron Snyder, Toan Nguyen, George Nagai, Harold Hunter, Jesse Silvey, Kevin Davis, Rick Kosick, Peter Smolk, Sammy Baptista, “Crazy Monk” Steve Olson. Filmed by Erik Hatch, Tuan Nguyen, George Nagai and probably a few others. Shoot me your name if you were left out of these credits and I’ll add you. Thanks everyone for your’e contributions!!)

33:33 – Credits

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