The COS Crew takes 2 minivans down to San Diego for a filming mission. Tyrone Olson destroys handrails. Billy gets jumped on his birthday. 1995.

Episode 32

0:00 – Intro 0:30 – Church Crew driving to San Diego 2:11 – Jeff Taylor’s apartment (Dylan Gardner, Jacob Rodrigue, Ricky Higgins, Hockey Temper, Jesse Silvey, Jef Hancock, Nelson Shin, Billy Bakker, Manabu Kumakura, Noe Flores, Kai Regan, Krishna Swenson) 4:22 – San Diego schoolyard (D. Gardner, H. Temper, Stacy Lowery, Chany Jeanguenin, J. Rodrigue, Tony Tieu) 7:15 – SD rails (S. Lowery, H. Temper, Tyrone Olson, J. Rodrigue) 15:06 – Bump to can (S. Lowery, N. Shin, T. Olson, T. Tieu, J. Rodrigue, H. Temper, K. Regan) 19:05 – Foundation Ramp (R. Higgins, T. Tieu, George Nagai, S. Lowery, B. Bakker, J. Strickland, J. Rodrigue) 25:33 – Jeff Taylor’s apartment round 2/Billy’s Bday Beatdown 27:17 – Credits

New “Handrail Killer” tee in the SHOP too. Featuring Tyrone Olson.

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