SKATEBOARD STORIES – Episode 42 – Tape # “HEART” Feb. 1996

The boys get buck in this one! Santarossa, Stacy and Mr. Consistent destroy a bunch of handrails around town. The crew skates the beach lot and IV/UCSB. And Dylan Gardner does the highest switch kickflip ever done. Classic SB spots get smashed in this episode! Enjoy.

Episode 42

0:00 – Intro 0:08 – Berry Blocks (Joel Danenhauer) 1:19 – UCEN (Mr. Consistent, Noe Flores) 4:08 – Talking to girls in Isla Vista 6:55 – IV air vents (Dylan Gardner switch kick flip!) 13:38 – Beach parking lot bump to gap (Jacob Rodrigue, Dylan Gardner) 16:58 – House ledge (Kai Regan) 18:16 – SBCC square rail (Mr. Consistent first person to skate it) 20:54 – Micheltorena Rail (Mr. Consistent, Mike Santarossa, Larik Mesey) 25:30 – San Marcos (Jesse Silvey, D. Gardner, Stacy Lowery, Tony Tieu, M. Santarossa) 29:12 – Queen Annes Ditch (T. Tieu, Mr. C., S. Lowery, M. Santarossa) 31:51 – Credits


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