SKATEBOARD STORIES – Episode 43 – Tape # “ASR96”

The Church Crew skates SB from the Riviera to the sea. The boys take a trip to skate the streets of Long Beach during the Action Sports Retailer tradeshow. T2 crushes San Marcos. And oh so much more…. in Feb. 1996.

Episode 43 0:00 – Intro 0:08 – Riviera (Dylan Gardner, George Nagai) 3:22 – Church dbl. (D. Gardner, G. Nagai) 5:20 – Long Beach streets (Tony Tieu, Kai Regan) 11:22 – ASR Tradeshow (Jef Hancock, Keith Wilson, Gershon Mosley, Rick Kosick, Bill Bakker, Etc.) 13:08 – LB Convention Center dbl set (Stacy Lowery) 14:11 – More LB streets (T. Tieu, G. Nagai, S. Lowery, K. Regan) 22:32 – El Segundo bank (T. Tieu, S. Lowery, Mr. Consistent, K. Regan) 27:07 – San Marcos (K. Regan, T. Tieu, Ricky Higgins) 34:12 – San Roque (T. Tieu, G. Nagai, K. Regan) 38:25 – Credits

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