Tony Manfre, backside 180 kickflip, near Milpas Street in SB. And 50-50 grind behind a shopping center on Hollister St, SB. Tricks Skate Mag (France) Sept 2003. My buddy Ben was living in Isla Vista and this dude Tony was skating near by at his girlfriends house. Ben told me I should meet Tony, and when we linked up we figured out that like Ben, Tony was a camper as Skate Camp back when I was a counselor. I started hooking up Tony with Bones Swiss, and then boards, eventually convincing him to ride for Powell. It was rad having him on Powell as we would go on little missions around trying to shoot stuff and later we went to Europe together on trips. Love you Tony! Look at his gear he’s wearing on this b/s fip- blue Sonoma sweatshirt, funky plaid pants, Adidas shoes before they made skate shoes. And that 50-50. Look at that dismount! Tony has style for miles.  – Words and photos by Erik Olsen
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