SKATEBOARD STORIES – Episode 41- Tape # 030796

This episode kicks off with Stacy, Jesse and T2 skating around Los Angeles. The Church team hits up some of their favorite SB spots. Stacy chomps the Frankie Hill Thrasher rail. And we round it out with some classic Manabu Kumakura Super8 footage. March 1996.

(I don’t try and time these releases but this footage was more or less filmed exactly 27 years ago to the week. Going back in time for real.)

Episode 41

0:00 – Intro 0:08 – Downtown LA (Stacy Lowery, Jesse Silvey, Tony Tieu) 2:40 – SM Courthouse 4:23 – Berries (Kai Regan, Nelson Shin, Noe Flores) 5:55 – Snow on East Camino Cielo 8:07 – DMV (Erik Hatch) 10:08 – Adams School (S. Lowery) 10:31 – La Cumbre (J. Silvey, K. Regan, S. Lowery) 13:25 – Peanut Gallery at the Church 14:45 – Cleveland Rail aka Frankie Hill Thrasher rail (S. Lowery, T. Tieu) 25:08 – La Cumbre (J. Silvey) 26:12 – San Marcos jump ramp sesh (J. Silvey, S. Lowery, Mr. Consistent (formerly known at Hockey Temper) and homies) 30:58 – Random Circus Circus clip 31:45 – Stacy wall ollie by Stern’s Wharf 33:42 – Super8 footage by Manabu Kumakura (George Nagai, Mike Santarossa, S. Lowery and various Church Team riders) 39:56 – Credits

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