“SOL” DVD’s are available! DM, EBay, or @erikhatchstore. 15 bucks includes shipping (U.S.) // “Sol” – 2008 CULT CLASSIC!  Sol is the best skateboard video to come out of the Central Coast area since “Fulfill the Dream”. It features Ross Norman, Jeremy Cannon, Sean Bolis, and Pablo Favela, along with special appearances by; Jesse Silvey, Steve Quellar, Riley Muraoka, Dustin Semenza, Beto Guerrero, and Masaki Itoi.  Sol features amazing and innovative skateboarding, brutal slams, some super-funny dork sessions, and a hilarious cartoon intro!!! The soundtrack is kick-ass and was created by local musicians!  Sol was created on what is known as a “shoe-string budget”. Actually, there was NO working budget for this film. True independent film making!

Filmed by Santa Barbara area filmers, Anthony Petti, Marty Osborn, and Adriano Caldas.

Edited and Produced by Erik Hatch (“Fulfill the Dream”, “Guilty”, “Underdog”, Church of Skatan, Strange Notes)

Official selection of the Santa Barbara International Film Festival

Running time – 45 min.

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