SKATEBOARD STORIES Episode 2 – Tape # “STUFF” 1991

SKATEBOARD STORIES aka The Video Archives of Erik Hatch

“STUFF” 91

0:00 – Opening titles
0:20 – Castillo Street Ramp (Erik Hatch, Jacob Rodrigue, Aaron Moore)
0:48 – Powell Skatezone (Tony Buyalos, Peter Pierce, Chris Pontius)
1:30 – Castillo House (Garp, Piggy, Dave)
4:24 – Brennan Lux, Frank Hirata, Garth Biedinger (Castillo Ramp)
9:56 – Lance Conklin, Chris Senn (Castillo)
10:11 – El Capitan State Beach (Pete Swenson and friends)
12:28 – Erik Hatch (SB DMV)
13:08 – Powell Skatezone AM contest (Armando Barajas, Ricky Higgins, Billy Bakker, Chris Hall, Victor Franco, Spencer Fujimoto, Andy Roy, Rob Washburn, Jaya Bonderov, George Nagai, Frank Atwater, Willy Santos)
20:25 – El Capitan State Beach
21:24 – La Colina (Erik Hatch, Cory Pheasant, Tony Buyalos, Mark Karlstrand)
22:57 – Erik Hatch (random ditch)
23:25 – Santa Ynez Valley
23:44 – La Colina (Erik Hatch, Brennan Lux, Jacob Rodrigue, Billy Bakker, Victor Franco, Justin Yates, Nashia Wachsman, and more)
25:52 – Credits

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