During my years as Shorty’s film maker, if I wasn’t working on a Shorty’s video, I was working on a Church of Skatan video. Around the time we were filming for Guilty, we really had no plans for a new Church video and I was just out goofing off and filming with my friends. I had also just got my first real editing system and was testing it out in preparation to edit Guilty. This unwittingly started a new video series. The Shirtless Wonder Boys or SWB series. In all, we made 4 SWB videos over the course of about 8 years or so (SWB2 being our “tour de force” Ha!). The first couple of these videos were never meant to be released to the public. Just some fun sessions that I filmed with my close friends. This is the ORIGINAL Shirtless Wonder Boys video. Never before released to the public until now. Three roadtrips to the old Ojai park, Newberry Park, and Lompoc with Ben Kendall, Carlos Juarez and myself. Featuring at least one guest rider on every trip. Enjoy! -EHatch

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