Suicidal Tendencies was the first punk band I ever heard. Probably ’83-’84. From there on out it was punk and skateboarding only. Recently I started bumping those old Suicidal albums again. The first one is still a banger from top to bottom. It’s always the music that gets me inspired to make these random edits. I just heard the songs and was like, “yeah, that’s gonna go good”. Grabbed a folder off the drive with most of the single clips I’ve posted over the last couple of years, and here you go. Turn it up loud and start a pit in the living room. Have a good New Years everyone. Here’s to 2023. Possessed to skate…..

Aaron Snyder Adam Bertolet Andrew Pott Andy Lanes Mark Appleyard Ben Kendall Silas Baxter-Neal Benny Bermudez Sean Bolis Brandon Turner Sammy Baptista Carl Nunes Carlos Juarez Victor Fonosch Chad Muska Chad Vogt Stacy Lowery Colin New Colt Cannon Damian Bravo Dustin Semenza Dylan Gardner Erik Hatch George Nagai Galeia Momolu James Rivers Jesse Silvey Joey Pulsifer Kyle Liddle Levi Marvin Matt Schook Rick McCrank Toan Nguyen Mike Santarossa Neen Williams The Olsonator Peter Smolik Ross Norman Ryan Thomas Tony Tieu

Additional Videography Tuan Nguyen Anthony Petti Aaron Moore Marty Osborn

Music Suicidal Tendencies

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