CHAD MUSKA BBQ for the kids at WHITEROCK, BC Canada – 2000

Chef Muska. I saw a little clip on Insta from the latest Nine Club with Omar Hassan. He was talking about the time Muska BBQ’d for the kids at Whiterock. This is a great memory for me also and I had recently digitized the tape so I decided to go find the footage. This was the third year in a row that the Shorty’s team went to Slam City Jam and the Whiterock Jam. I believe this was the year that I made a slight error in judgement on the route to Whiterock and we showed up pretty late. I think we basically missed the jam. But there were still a bunch of kids hanging out waiting for the Shorty’s team. Chad decided to go to the store. He bought some portable grills, drinks, burgers and hot dogs and proceeded to grill for all the kids. That was so damn cool man. Take note. That is how it’s done. Muska always made time for the kids. I think Omar rode back to Vancouver in the van with us. Omar is a real one too. I was always hyped on him ever since the “too young to drive, old enough to fly” ad. The only skate clip I got at Whiterock that day was the clip of George at the end of this footage. This day it was all about the Q. Chef Muska for life! – EHatch

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