Marc Hollander – Golf and Fun – Santa Barbara, CA 1979

Marc Hollander. “Golf and Fun” skatepark. Santa Barbara, Ca 1979. Photo by some unknown Stu. //

I played miniature golf here when I was a little squirt. Every once in a while I’d watch the skaters, but this was many years before I was really interested in skateboarding. They had mad video games and miniature golf was fun as hell!! Fountain sodas all hopped-up on sugar. 😂 I always found it amazing that after this park was leveled, they basically rebuilt a skatepark on top of it.

Cutter Motors was a hi-end car dealership. When it finally went out of business in the 90’s, it stayed empty for years and we skated the shit out of it! Frankie had all kind of coverage there. Super smooth ground. Manual pads, curbs, ledges, rails, gaps. Everything made out of expensive materials. And I don’t remember getting kicked out very often either. Ghosts of skateparks past. -EHatch #golfandfunsantabarbara#skateboardstories

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