ANACAPA gear sold exclusively in the HATCH SHOP

The word Anacapa is the Spanish translation of the Chumash Indian word ‘anyapax. Anacapa means “mirage” or “illusion”. Many times in my life while sitting on the beaches of Santa Barbara, I’ve looked out at the Channel Islands and noticed a strange phenomena that happens.  It’s usually when there’s some form of Marine layer on a nice sunny day.

The Channel Islands start to grow. They look taller.  They take on strange shapes. This is where the word comes into play because one of the islands has that Chumash name, the island of Anacapa.

Anacapa is also the street where the original Church of Skatan skateboard shop was located. On the corner of Anacapa and Gutierrez.  336 Anacapa. The Church no longer exists.  It went out of business years ago.  But the building at 336 Anacapa is still there and it’s where myself and all the Church of Skatan riders and Shorty’s employees and friends hung out all the time.  It has a rich history, and starting this brand, 336 Anacapa, is my way of keeping that history alive. It’s also an artistic outlet outside of videography and filmmaking. It’s a fun way to release graphics, artwork and photos on functional street/beachwear, while keeping alive the legacies of the past. My main hope is that you love the gear as much as I do. Thanks for checking out ANACAPA. 🙏 (these pictures are of the “mirage” phenomenon. I also put a picture of what the islands look like normally, for comparison) – Erik Hatch

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