Aaron Perko, frontside flip to fakie nosegrind, Ventura – Transworld Skateboarding Mag

Aaron Perko, frontside flip to fakie nosegrind, Ventura. When this hubba was discovered it was a hot spot. People would come up from LA to skate it. It’s been resurrected recently even. This sequence is from the hubbas early days when it was still kinda untouched. Not much had been done on it yet, certainly no flip tricks to anything. Aaron always did his tricks really quick, so when I saw him throw a few attempts out, I knew it was going down soon. It was kinda dark and I was going to set up flashed and stuff, but I didn’t have time since he was about to do it.  So I just threw in some Black and White film with no flashes, and a few tries later we were out. Was stoked to have TWS run this Check Out and I got to write the dumb words too. I like his portrait I shot too with his dope rope showing. – Words and Photos by Erik Olsen
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