SKATEBOARD STORIES – EPISODE 21 – Tape # “Church III, Tape 2”

While filming for the third Church Of Skatan video “Santa Barbara”, the boys hit the beach, San Marcos hallways, and other various spots around SB. Featuring, Dylan Gardner, Jacob Rodrigue, George Nagai, Ricky Higgins, and Hockey Temper. Filmed and narrated by Erik Hatch. EPISODE 21 0:00 – Intro 0:18 – Ledbetter ledge (Ricky Higgins, Manabu Kumakura) 2:10 – Random clips (Castillo st. and Samarkand) 3:29 – Mini Board Sesh at the Church (Hockey Temper, Erik Hatch) 5:20 – Dylan Gardner Jr Hi lines (Jacob Rodrigue, George Nagai, Ricky Higgins) 11:25 – San Marcos (Jacob R., George N., Dylan G., Mike Santarossa) 20:52 – Goleta bump to bar (George N., Dylan G., Hockey Temper) 23:28 – SBCC (Hockey Temper) 25:48 – Credits (Dylan at Fiesta hydrant)

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