SKATEBOARD STORIES – Episode 40 – Tape # 021696

The list is below. The episode is packed. T2 gets loose at Berries. Stacy puts the smackdown. And of course that Dirty D. Heelflip. So good. Feb. 1996. Episode 40 0:00 – Intro 0:08 – Flyway (Hockey Temper and the Peanut Gallery) 1:40 – Cottage bump to fence (H. Temper, Ricky Higgins, Dylan Gardner, Scott […]

SKATEBOARD STORIES – Episode 39 – Tape # “Huntington ’96”

Continuation of the last tape. Featuring a trip to Orange County and San Diego to film the heaviest hitters in skateboarding for the Shorty’s Hardware team part in the Shorty’s Snowboard video called “Snow”. Feb. 1996. Episode 39 0:00 – Intro 0:08 – Jamie Thomas gap ollie 3:20 – SD double rails (Jerry Fowler, Ed […]


Suicidal Tendencies was the first punk band I ever heard. Probably ’83-’84. From there on out it was punk and skateboarding only. Recently I started bumping those old Suicidal albums again. The first one is still a banger from top to bottom. It’s always the music that gets me inspired to make these random edits. […]


Unseen footage and extended clips from the Independent skateboard video “Underdog”. SKATERS Pabs Sean Bolis Ben Kendall Gerardo Mendoza Eric Bork Chad Muska Gabe Nava Dylan Gardner Kyle Liddle James Brockman Jason Phillips Paul Rodriguez Johnny Albao Lance Dalgart Jesse Diaz Abe Jaya RIP VIDEO Erik Hatch MUSIC “Flava In Ya Ear” Craig Mack “Lumdi” […]

SKATEBOARD STORIES – Episode 38 – Tape # “Feb. 10th 1996”

Stacy Lowery is the first person to tackle the now well-known “Washington rail”. The Church Crew skates SB. Gershon Moseley is the first (and only) person to kickflip the La Colina double-set. Manabu Kumakura shows off a TON of Super8 footage from many different sessions. PLUS, Manabu’s Hi8 angles from the Shorty’s Hardware Team video […]


The “Harold Way” segment from the cult classic skateboard video “ASSAULT RIFLE”. Featuring; David Broach, Mike Rosa, AJ Burnett, The Dango, Josh Dowd, Nick Bailey, 80’s Joe, Kenny Roche, Ross Norman and Damian Bravo. Music by Living Keys Music Intro song by Whitewine for LKM … “ASSAULT RIFLE” – 2005 CULT CLASSIC! ASSAULT RIFLE is […]

SKATEBOARD STORIES – Episode 37 – Tape # “Jan. ’96”

The Church Crew skates SB and Goleta. Stacy Lowery skates spots no one else can, and Dirty D nollieflips like no other. 1996. Episode 37 0:00 – Intro 0:08 – DP sesh (Jacob Rodrigue, Jesse Silvey, Tony Tieu) 3:00 – La Colina (Dylan Gardner) 6:30 – UCSB (Ricky Higgins, Stacy Lowery, D. Gardner, Nelson Shin, […]


Unseen footage and extended clips from the Independent skateboard video “Underdog”. SKATERS Kyle Liddle Gerardo Mendoza Dylan Gardner Nick Batchelor Sam Kendall Ben Kendall Mike Santarossa Brandon Yates Damian Bravo Jason Phillips Tyrone Olson Mark Appleyard Adam Alfaro Chris Cole Colt Cannon Tony Tieu Knaan Thor Brian Hoard Baron Kelly VIDEO BY Erik Hatch MUSIC […]


Unseen footage and extended clips from the Independent skateboard video “Underdog”. SKATERS Colin New Ben Kendall Gerardo Mendoza Kyle Liddle Carl Nunes Dylan Gardner Jason Phillips Aaron Perko Pablo Favela August Tony Tieu Jaya Bonderov The Butcher Benny Bermudez Ki Crumpton Damian Bravo Jack Rose Carlos Jaurez Jacob Rodrigue Nick Bachelor VIDEO Erik Hatch MUSIC […]


You thought the party was over? We’re just tapping the second keg!!…. in 1996. I think Santarossa was the only one that wasn’t hungover because he absolutely DESTROYS this episode. Check it…. Episode 36 0:00 – Intro 0:08 – Disco Party (cont. from Ep. 35) 9:50 – San Marcos kick out 12:02 – Flyway destruction […]