LA2NY – CHICAGO SEGMENT – Chad Muska and friends

LA2NY is the cross-country journey that Muska and friends took in 2002. Muska was going to NYC to record some of hip-hops greats for his upcoming album “Muskabeatz”. Instead of flying, he gathered up Victor Fonosch, Dev1, Hatch, Skin Phillips and David Broach to take an unforgettable skate mission across the USA. Filmed, Edited and […]

CHAD MUSKA BBQ for the kids at WHITEROCK, BC Canada – 2000

Chef Muska. I saw a little clip on Insta from the latest Nine Club with Omar Hassan. He was talking about the time Muska BBQ’d for the kids at Whiterock. This is a great memory for me also and I had recently digitized the tape so I decided to go find the footage. This was […]

SKATEBOARD STORIES FILM – VOLUME 3 – The employees of NHS and Santa Cruz Skateboards 35 year anniversary (2009)

SKATEBOARD STORIES FILM – VOLUME 3 – The employees of NHS and Santa Cruz Skateboards 35 year anniversary (2009) Featuring (Anniversary party section) Keith Wilson Neil Heddings DAF Noah Lee Charron Jeff Kendall Ron Whaley Ray Stevens II Tim Piumarta Spidey Skip Engblom Ray Meyers Duane Peters Tom Knox Eric Dressen Keith Meek Natas Kaupas […]

SKATEBOARD STORIES – Episode 42 – Tape # “HEART” Feb. 1996

The boys get buck in this one! Santarossa, Stacy and Mr. Consistent destroy a bunch of handrails around town. The crew skates the beach lot and IV/UCSB. And Dylan Gardner does the highest switch kickflip ever done. Classic SB spots get smashed in this episode! Enjoy. Episode 42 0:00 – Intro 0:08 – Berry Blocks […]


Shorty’s Skateboards wins 5 of the 6 “Reader’s Poll” awards at the 1st annual TWS Awards in 1999 for the video “Fulfill the Dream” (1998). Awards include; Best Video Part (Smolik), Best Video, Best Style (Smolik), Best Team, and Best Street Skater (Muska). The awards were given in Vancouver BC, Canada, after a long day […]


I was running around and having a great time, so I didn’t film so much. But hey, can you blame me? We just finished FULFILL THE DREAM!!! Here’s a little bit of skating and a bunch of antics from the day we premiered the classic. Enjoy. – E. Hatch SKATERS Joey Pulsifer Ben Kendall Jesse […]

TONY BUYALOS – Air Crash Miracles

Tony Buyalos in Gouge Clothing’s “Aircraft Miracles”. Not sure of the year, maybe like ‘91? This part, along with another part of Frank Hirata (that I can’t seem to find), was the first footage I ever shot that ended up in a video. I don’t have the raw tapes so they must be in Buyalos’ […]


Mostly unseen footage from a Brooklyn Banks session in 1998 (some clips were in the COS “Wild in the Streets” video). Jesse Silvey, Aaron Snyder, Peter Smolik, Sammy Baptista and George Nagai. Plus special guest dude putting big blocks of cement in our way. #skateboardstories #brooklynbanks #shortysskateboards @jessesilvey1 @djnagai @aaronsnyder77 @sammybaptista @the_brooklyn_banks_  VX by @erikpaulhatch […]


Erik Hatch’s part from 2004’s SWB3 (aka Shirtless Wonder Boys 3). SWB3 is a hidden “easter egg” on the cult classic DVD “Assault Rifle”. It is a remix and re-edit of Assault Rifle with some alternate footage. Assault Rifle DVD is still available for purchase at (2023).