TONY BUYALOS – Air Crash Miracles

Tony Buyalos in Gouge Clothing’s “Aircraft Miracles”. Not sure of the year, maybe like ‘91? This part, along with another part of Frank Hirata (that I can’t seem to find), was the first footage I ever shot that ended up in a video. I don’t have the raw tapes so they must be in Buyalos’ collection. Some stuff shot by most likely Chris Watkins and Ape as well. Maybe some others. These were they days. No money and very little responsibility meant we just went skating all the time. Glad I got to live it. Tony was a ripper and that flat gap was HUGE. I remember being blown away that he ollied it. Two cans at LaC is no joke either. Hope you’re up there shredding the big bowl in the sky dude. 🙏 – Erik Hatch

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